To Real Fish and Chips quality is important. We pride ourselves in the quality food we provide our customers. Our standards are always being improved to provide you with the best Fish and Chips in South Africa.


For the past 10 years, Real Fish and Chips has brought you traditional slap chips and perfectly battered fish you know and love. Our stores welcome over One million customers a month and we want to make sure that every customer feels that they received the best in terms of quality and service. Our Real Team that works so hard behind the scenes put their best effort forward to make sure that the food you receive is the best. 

Visiting Real Fish and Chips

When you visit a store in a small town or a city you are guaranteed the same quality food. All our food is prepared freshly each day and the same procedures are followed by each store to make sure that you receive the freshest food. Quality guaranteed is our stamp of approval.

Serving you traditional slap chips and perfectly battered fish you know and love is very important to us. When you leave any of our stores we want you to feel that you have received the best food and service that there is.

All our food is freshly prepared in-store or follows strict regulations to make sure that we only serve you the best – which is what you deserve. Every piece of fish that is served is prepared by hand in our perfectly developed fish batter and fried at the perfect temperature for the correct amount of time.

To make sure that each of our stores across South Africa  are always performing at their best we carry out monthly store inspections and surprise inspections. Quality is important to us and we want to make sure that we are always delivering the best to you.

From the ocean to store

We support local fisheries who farm sustainably. We ensure that the fish we receive from our suppliers is for the best quality for you.